Love Knot Crochet Blanket


If you love crafts and decoration, the blanket that I found in my research and that I’m going to show you today can be a great option to make your home more cozy and charming.

Many people end up worrying a lot about the decorative aspects of their home, because they really care about it and believe that being in a pleasant, charming, stylish environment can bring advantages to our lives. And it really happens! Because when we are in a place where we can keep our body and mind calm and comfortable, we can feel the well-being that this causes us.


When we think about some types of decoration, such as those made with crochet, we can think about that too. If you are thinking of making your decor even more cozy, placing a blanket over an armchair will bring incredible detail and you will surely get a lot of compliments. The blanket cannot be left out of projects that seek charm and coziness.

Many people end up buying these ready-made blankets in stores and end up paying a lot for it, but if you have manual skills you can make your own blanket and certainly many details can be added leaving your face and personality, in addition to matching the your home style.

If you still don’t know how to produce knitting or crochet pieces, you can train some simple stitches and in a short time you will be able to make pieces like the one that Yarnspiration produced. It is classified as simple to make and the end result is incredible. It’s impossible not to love!


There are countless possibilities for decorating with blankets in your environment. Just choose the one that best matches your style and personality, always thinking about the combinations you can make and your armchair or sofa will certainly look fabulous.

When we know how to make handicrafts, we have a great advantage, because we have the possibility to produce amazing pieces for cheap that will bring a special touch to the space we want. If you knit or crochet, you can now put your threads and needles to work and soon you will have a wonderful result to present.

One of the great advantages of producing your own decorative piece is the power to choose the perfect colors and combinations to renew your space.

The interesting thing is also that there is the possibility of you producing more than one blanket for the same space and changing it whenever you want and this will give a new face to the place being decorated.

Now have you thought if, in addition to decorating your house, your blankets could decorate other families’ houses and with that you would still make an extra income?

This is entirely possible. Many people take the opportunity to have craft skills and make knitting and crochet items for sale and this is a great financial opportunity.

Making money with knitting and crochet is a reality that can be within your reach.


Many people have passed and are spending more time at home in this pandemic period. These are difficult times, but people who spend more time in their homes want to be in more comfortable and cozy environments. People have been looking at this more and the decoration is part of this change of look.

You can produce and display your pieces to show people how something handmade can make any environment chic and sophisticated. If you opt for stronger and more vibrant colors, you can bring joy to the place. The important thing is for everyone to know that a way to keep your home pleasant to your eyes and comfortable for those who live in it is to use pieces such as those made with crochet and knitting.

If some people do not have the time and manual skills to produce such parts, you can make them meet the needs of those who need them. In addition to bringing a special touch and generating comfort and warmth for those who compare your blanket, you will be generating income for your family!

It doesn’t matter where the armchair is. It can be an armchair in the living room, bedroom, balcony and even a breastfeeding armchair. All of them can receive a special touch from a crochet blanket. You combine the dots, the colors, the details and something amazing will happen in your environment!

A blanket on a mother’s breastfeeding chair can, in addition to becoming a decorative item, can be a very useful thing that will bring her warmth in the early hours. It will bring comfort to this sublime moment, but one that demands a lot from mom. And when we talk about breastfeeding, comfort is everything! And a crochet blanket will certainly fulfill this role very well!

Now that we’ve covered this wonderful item, you can use this free pattern from YarnInspiration to make the first of many blankets!