Hello how are you? Today I bring you another super cute pattern that I found and made a point to share with you!Look how fun this piece is that can be a decorative item made for your family, or even something that can be sold or donated to needy children who will surely be warm and grateful for this fabulous gesture.

Dinosaurs are super trendy and this step-by-step guide from the wonderful Sarah Zimmermann will make you want to make pieces like this for a long time. Children and even many adults love these beings that have been enchanting us for millions of years.


See how beautiful a decoration with crochet dinosaurs would look! Didn’t you find it amazing? I thought it was beautiful and I have threads and needles in hand getting ready to start my journey through this amazing world of dinosaurs. Today I’m going to start with this model, which YarnSpirations literally inspired me to make, but my desire is to continue and produce an entire collection and decorate the children’s room here. If you do the same, tell us here so we can get more excited and connect on this creative and admirable journey that is made through crochet!

by Fernanda

This type of piece made with crochet is better known as amigurumi and it became a worldwide fever a few years ago and there are thousands of people making and crocheting in different ways. They are very cute animals and objects that delight everyone who has the opportunity to own one.

According to research, this art was born in Japan in the 80’s, however, it did not spread at that time as much as it did in 2002. The fascination was so much that a Japanese association of amigurumi was created and made this technique expand around the world and classes step-by-step instructions began to be taught, winning the hearts of the youngest to the adults who fell in love with this craft.


To produce an amigurumi you need to use knitting and crochet techniques and know that you will also need other materials such as cotton, buttons, wires, bows and all this will make your pet look cute! You can make characters and make them amazing and through tutorials like the one I brought here, a beginner can make this piece. Many start by learning to make teddy bear keychains using a simple base, the result is amazing.

Far beyond the teddy bears, this special stitch, which is crochet, allows us to make hearts, stars, flowers that are smaller pieces with less detail and great for those who are learning to make amigurumi.

The Wikipedia site brings us details of how this technique was created and popularized. There he mentions that this name (amigurumi) has the same meaning as a stuffed animal made of crochet. This is what we love and we are here every day committed to learning and exploring and with that new knowledge is being added to us every day. On the website we can also see that the creation of cute dolls made with crochet is an ancient tradition in that country.

In our daily journey we have been looking for pieces that make sense that have a story, that can bring us moments of joy, happiness, objects that are attractive and especially that please the eyes and bring good sensations to those who receive them.

I believe that making amigurumi around the world tends to also be a way to ward off the sadness and depression that many were feeling. Activities like these, which are handcrafted, bring an important aspect to our lives as a way of acting in the prevention of diseases, because, being an intellectual activity, it reduces anxiety and can help many people to get away from depression. We realize that in some cases this practice gives a new meaning to the lives of those who produce. Many elderly people, for example, make objects and when they see something wonderful they have made, they feel useful and important.

But it is very interesting to realize that it is not just women and elderly women who have fallen in love with crochet. This artisanal technique has reached the hearts of thousands of people around the world and many young people and teenagers are enchanted by amigurumi, because the piece becomes their friend. There are endless possibilities for creation. We can reproduce characters, animals, dolls, like the famous Hello Kit. Here we are going to dedicate ourselves to this dinosaur and enjoy the wonderful crochet! You can get access to the free crochet pattern by clicking here

The free crochet pattern above was produced by artisan Sarah Zimmerman
from Repeat Crafter Me