Amazing and easy stitch like you've never seen


This stitch is amazing, very beautiful and also very easy to do. We can use several colors or even make it just one color because it will also look very beautiful. You can also use any type of yarn or wool you prefer.

The materials that will be used are already described below and if you, like me, were enchanted by this beautiful stitch, you will not fail to do so and be surprised by the result.


Material List – I used Baroque string number 4 (Marca Circulo) Tex 590 – Needle number 2.5 mm

For this point we will need to do multiples of 10 plus 6. We will always do it every ten points and at the end we will add 6 more points. With that we will have sixteen, twenty-six, thirty-six or forty-six, always making the multiples this way so that we can reach the right size for the piece you want to make.


Thirty-six points were used for this sample.

When you discover the versatility and ease of this stitch, you will for sure venture into making many pieces with it. There are many possibilities, from baby blankets, beautiful dresses for small children, a top or a coat would look beautiful. I believe that even some decorative pieces could be made.

One of the enchantments that crochet brings me is the possibility of producing an infinity of pieces with the same stitch, and as we have many types of stitches we can spend our lives crocheting and there will never be monotony, there will never be boredom.Many people imagine that dedicating time to making crafts like crochet can be tedious and monotonous, but they are very wrong. We can spend minutes or hours dedicating ourselves to the piece, but then our mind wants to perform another one, because there are so many possibilities that it is difficult to turn off and stop.

When we learn a new stitch like this, many options come to mind and the desire to use our threads and needles to produce and make amazing things. These crochet pieces can be used by ourselves, they can become a gift and as I always say they are a great option as a source of income.

Many people, be they women, men and of all ages have been interested in crochet and crafts in general. However, people who love to use it in their decoration or who have been won over by this style may not have time to make their own pieces and end up buying it.

This can become for the person who loves to crochet a double possibility of doing something wonderful that occupies their thoughts and their routine and also generates profit and income for the family. Anyone who has the opportunity to make a living from crochet can feel very blessed!In this video we have the step-by-step made by the dear artisan of the Pontos Crochê Arte de Amar channel Access the link that takes you on this incredible journey.