Decoration and utility items are always welcome and when we say they are crochet we add a special touch, because the detail of the crochet stitches make a difference in any environment.

In the past, threads and needles found greater space between garments. Clothes were the favorite for crocheters, but that has changed and decorative items produced in crochet are very successful in thousands of homes around the world. Many families joined and were conquered by crochet and there are countless possibilities of making.


Some pieces can be more elaborate and even professional designers and decorators have surrendered to this craft that can even become luxurious in any environment.

But when we are starting our journey through the incredible world of crochet, we can focus on making simpler pieces and we will certainly also have many possibilities. When we search the internet for crochet patterns, we can find infinite options that can become a decorative item in our home, or even become something to gift or sell.


Many people are surrendering to crochet but don’t have enough skills or time to make a piece that can decorate their home and be useful and their day to day and for this reason they end up buying ready-made crochet pieces.

Those who are interested in selling their pieces can be pleasantly surprised when they realize how much people are interested in it. Some time ago the exhibition of these crochet pieces were only made at craft fairs or small stores of materials produced by artisans, but today you can expose your creations on social networks like Intagran and be successful and many sales.

Many people look to social networks to conduct research and end up finding wonderful things and being enchanted.I advise all crocheters who want to have an extra income or even make crochet their only income to have an account on their social network of choice and use this tool to display and sell their pieces.

This item I brought here is fabulous, as it is very simple to make. The artisan who made it used a CD as the base of her basket and it was amazing, because, in addition to making a beautiful piece, she also explored her creativity and contributed to the environment using something that would go to the trash.

It was amazing!If you like the idea and also want to make your own basket, follow the step-by-step video. She explains it very well and you will see how simple it can be to make something beautiful and useful and even generate income through this fabulous work.