Hello crochet lovers!

When we talk about crochet, countless different pieces can come to our mind, but a classic that continues to be successful and inspire people to make this wonderful art all over the world is Blanket!


The blankets are incredible pieces and with an admirable versatility. Babies use the blankets as soon as they leave the maternity ward. The blanket accompanies them in their first months of life because it is something cozy, cozy. That protects and heats like no other item.

But it’s not just babies who use crochet blankets. Many people at all stages of their lives can have a blanket. And its versatility is such that in addition to being a piece for personal use, it can also be a decorative piece.


If you notice in movies and series, all very elegant houses have a blanket over an armchair or sofa. Daily we can use this item as a piece that will protect our furniture from children’s feet or even produce a piece so elegant and exclusive that it could be the decorative item that will draw the most attention in your environment.

It is interesting to note that the crochet blanket ends up being a piece that is not only used on very cold days, in severe winter. In milder seasons like autumn, we can use the blanket on our body to warm it up or even on our furniture to bring a special charm and warmth that we all seek in our daily lives.

Many of us work hard outside our homes for many hours and when we get home we want to be in a nice and cozy space. You can come and sit in a plain, bland armchair, or you can find a comfortable, attractive spot that will promote your well-being. This well-being you are looking for can be found in a crocheted blanket over your armchair while you rest.

This blanket with autumn touches and colors is amazing!

If you have manual skills, you can produce this crochet blanket and have it in your home following the step-by-step instructions and choosing the ideal colors. Nothing prevents you from changing colors and keeping the pattern, because I’m sure with this pattern any color will look amazing.

In addition to making a fabulous blanket, you will be using your time to do something pleasant that brings many benefits to our health. I always like to emphasize this, because I know that we are in a world in crisis and that many difficulties in our daily lives can leave us shaken and unstructured.

But producing handmade pieces like crochet and knitting can be an outlet for you who are looking for something that can occupy your mind and hands. It is proven that craftsmanship is good for health and crochet is one of the techniques that we love the most, because with it it is possible to make pieces of all types and for all tastes.

As I said at the beginning of our conversation, people of all ages crochet and these days you can find patterns on the internet for just about anything you want to do.

According to many studies, crafts can help people who need to develop concentration, reasoning and motor coordination skills as well. Some serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be prevented in people who use their hands to crochet. These diseases are of the body, but the diseases of the mind that end up harming many people today can also be fought when the person makes himself available to produce handicrafts, occupying the mind. Depression and anxiety can be avoided or even treated with the support of crafts, as it reduces stress levels and increases serotonin and dopamine levels, substances responsible for feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Knowing some of the countless benefits of crochet, we can feel inspired by this step-by-step guide and make this beautiful blanket that will surely bring a special touch to our home.

If you make this piece, can you come here to tell us how it went?

If you used different colors, if you changed the colors of autumn for the colors of summer or spring. I believe it would be something innovative, but it would make the piece incredible.

Many people report that they look for crafts like crochet as a hobby, but end up becoming lovers of this wonderful art and that crocheting in one way or another becomes something that fills their life.

If you have a story like this, you can also leave it here and tell us how crochet changed your life. This Pattern comes from our daling website