Cute Adidas crochet sneakers for baby


Today we bring another beauty from this world that we love to complement our cuteness category and let’s teach this beautiful Adidas Crochet Shoe!


This shoe is simple to make but requires dedication and attention. The cool thing is that this Crochet Shoe allows you to develop different skills as you make this gem. The one we are showing below is size 19, but you can vary the sizes as you wish.

You can add adornments, and let your creativity flow naturally or use a real model from the brand as a base to create and develop your favorite Crochet Shoe. But get ready because after producing this piece you will want to go out doing everything you see ahead is addictive!!!


In addition to leaving the feet of our little ones exquisite and dazzling, these Crochet Shoes match any look and become wild pieces in our babys closet. Although they don’t look like Crochet Shoes, they still serve as protection on cold days and combined with a good pair of cotton socks they warm up well and keep babies’ feet warm.

Due to these factors, Crochet Shoes have become the preference of several moms around the world and also of uncles, grandparents and family members, as a way of gifting dads,

As we have seen, crochet in general has gained a lot of space in the fashion world. This is wonderful for us who love crochet, it is very important to realize that our art has resonated and conquered people from all over the world and of all ages and genders. Many families have even made a living from this fabulous craft, because throughout the year we can make crochet pieces that can meet someone’s needs.
What used to be just simple clothes made by our mothers and grandmothers has become something of refinement and fashion. Many artists and models use crochet clothes that end up going viral and becoming a fever.
This also happens with children’s fashion, and this is the case with this beautiful shoe. Big brands also win the hearts of families with very young children. But if you don’t find this type of shoe in your baby’s size, it’s a great option and make it with crochet and customize, leaving it with your preferred colors and bringing an extra charm and enchantment to the baby of the family or even as a gift a dear child.
Follow the step-by-step guide and make a cute pair of crochet Adidas sneakers for your baby

we share below the original step-by-step by artisan Rosangela Zidoca



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