Have you noticed how crochet has gained prominence this year and how many fashion-conscious people are using these pieces in their productions?

Being aware of the fashion world makes us realize that many people are taking up this incredible artisanal point to produce clothes and in this way keep alive a technique that crosses generations in fashion.


There are many theories for the beginning of the use of threads and needles to produce this type of handmade piece. But our certainty is that it has spread around the world and today it is no longer just part of our grandmothers’ decorative items and clothing items.

Many designers all over the world have produced entire collections for men and women with crochet and this has been successful all over the world.


Crochet pieces These are items that make up a modern style that can vary so much that its versatility has won the hearts of people in love with fashion around the world.

This manual work has gained prominence and has become the darling of many famous and anonymous people who are in love with the fashion world. We know that a long time ago these crochet stitches were hidden in the decorations in grandmothers’ houses and in clothes that took us back to a very traditional culture.

Currently we realize that this work has gained prominence and has been successful for those who produce and use it as well. The pieces can be varied and used in any season of the year. From bikinis to coats and accessories that can win the hearts of children, men, women and all those who are interested in fashion and want to be active and stand out in this world. If you want to be in fashion, you need to use a crochet piece and this year it will be successful wherever you go.

Take a look at some amazing pieces here and then grab your threads and needles to make this beautiful top that is elegant and luxurious and can transform any look.

2022 crochet trends

Learn to crochet Square and make your fabulous top.

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