Knitting Dog Clothes Tutorial


Something that warms our hearts as much as producing crochet pieces with a free tutorial is a pet in our life.

Many wonder what is the importance of having a pet living with the family. We can see that there are numerous benefits for people to have a pet at home. We created an affective bond with a being that gives us back at all times and also a reason for joy and union among all the participants of the family. The dog and the cat can be true guardians and there is even a world day for these animals. On this day, this incredible bond that is formed between man and his pet is celebrated, this is a relationship capable of transforming lives.


If you love your pet so much, you can’t help but crochet a outfit for him!

In addition to being fashionable, your pet will be protected with comfortable clothes that will show him how much you love him and want to see him well.


If you love your pet and are thinking of making a beautiful outfit for him, you will be delighted with this one I found in my research, I found it charming. There are many models and this one is at an intermediate level if you already have some skill with crochet you will be delighted as I am.

As I like to mention the benefits of crochet and knitting for our life, I will emphasize here that crochet / knitting is proven to be a manual activity that helps concentration and will also stimulate your reasoning and your motor skills with all this a great advantage for our life is to produce crochet pieces and together with this wonder prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


It would be amazing not to combine a passion with health care, I think crafts, especially crochet or knitting, can bring us incredible benefits, in addition to a profession and hobby. If you look at the circles of friends in which they also crochet, you can see that many people have moved away from depression and anxiety, in addition, many of us live in very high stress levels because of our generation at the time we live. and now with the issue of the pandemic, many new situations have been brought to our experience and this can cause stress in our lives.

Having a pet at home to keep you company and still being able to crochet an outfit for him will bring a sense of well-being and pleasure that are achieved through hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These substances that cause us joy are also produced when we create handmade pieces such as crochet or knitting.

You can expand your skills, increase your experience, explore new spots and it will definitely bring you a feeling of pleasure and joy inside. It will even make you euphoric with a new piece that you made with lots of love and care for your pet.

Here we have a piece for the puppy but if we search we can find crochet and tick for other animals as well and free tutorials that will help us on our journey through crochet.

In this knitting coat we have colors that remind us of the holiday, these are great opportunities to gift our paths with colors that refer to holiday themes and make them stylish matching the weather we are experiencing, however, you can vary and produce pieces according to your dog’s personality with colors that will best match your best friend.

While knitting you will notice that the body of the shirt is knitted back and forth and also that the back edge is knitted in a circle with a circular needle.

On the sides, your knitting will be done in the round as well but with double pointed needles these notes are important pay attention. Pay close attention to everything in the free pattern that I put here and you will surely be able to make a beautiful knit for your little dog. If you are watching this tutorial by designer Josi Lewanda you can use theme colors if it is close to Christmas you can copy the same photo from the PDF available here.

Seeing your puppy happy is priceless, after all he can be your best friend and he definitely deserves this treat.

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