Learn to Crochet Crevron Blanket


You can prepare your hooks and yarns because I’m sure you’ll love this chevron crochet blanket. I am well aware of the addiction that this hobby brings us, it is almost impossible to let go of the hooks and threads once you sit comfortably in your armchair and start enjoying the moment of producing your favorite crochet pieces.

The crochet blanket is an accessory with an almost infinite variety of possibilities. It can be used as a decoration piece in different environments such as sofas or armchairs for example.


It can also provide us with comfort and warmth on days of intense cold. If well planned, the environment gains a warm and cozy air with a good combination of blankets and pillows.




Any more sober place gains joy, relaxation and beauty, with a chevron crochet blanket, even more so if it’s thrown on a cold-colored sofa, it’s really fabulous.



Another great option is to use blankets to decorate rooms and respectively beds. Together, pillows and blankets provide refinement and beauty to any bed, and you can also combine with comforters and pillows, perhaps leaving the blanket folded at the foot of the bed, in this way making it easy to pull the blanket for a more cozy nap.

And to help you create your own chevron crochet blanket, I’ll leave here the step-by-step and tutorial of an amazing piece I found while browsing the internet.

Pattern free

pattern blanket chevron






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