Learn to Make Lorien Pillow


Like everything else in the crochet universe, pillows have the power to change the environment in which they find themselves and leave them with unique and bright features.

Because they have numerous shapes, colors, fabrics and textures, they become a key piece in any environment and indispensable decoration items.




Often we don’t give crochet pillows their due value and miss the opportunity to leave any environment with a sublime atmosphere. Here are some tips and suggestions to make your home look your way and make any decorator warm at heart.




  1. Sabe aquela cor que você ama com a alma, mas não coloque na parede para não ficar brega? Isso mesmo, não pense duas vezes e use e abuse delas em suas almofadas de crochê, e dessa forma você vai alimentar sua vontade e deixar seu ambiente incrível e moderno.

2. There are several types of crochet patterns for this piece. For more daring or funky environments, try to vary the prints and colors

3. Another golden tip is to change the crochet pillows according to the season, alternating in cold periods for warm colors and lighter and softer colors in periods of intense heat.

4. Do you have a certain difficulty in combining and varying colors? This tip will help you a lot, try to put in your crochet pillows, the colors that already exist in the environment in which they are, this is an infallible tip.

5. You know that beautiful sofa without prints you have in your living room? It’s going to look beautiful with these bolder prints pillows that match perfectly with Lorien pillows that we’ll teach you in the pattern below:









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