Tunisian crochet is a beautiful type of piece made with stitches that are very complex when compared to common crochet and this gives it an incredible and special result where its weave is thicker and closed and this produces wonderful pieces.

To compose these very special stitches it is also necessary to use a different needle where a hook at one of its ends provides a technique where the made rows produce the desired stitch.


People who are already used to producing common crochet pieces may not experience so much difficulty when they move on to this technique that is being used all over the world for different types of pieces. However, those who are starting this practice need to spend some time researching and getting to know a little more about the point by watching videos, watching graphics and tutorials.

Here we have a beautiful baby blanket made with Tunisian stitches that will make it even more fabulous. safety and thus produce something beautiful that will be used by a very cute baby.


The incredible thing is to be able to see that a piece finished by our hands will bring a lot of comfort and joy to a beautiful baby who arrived in the world to make crochet pieces is like producing affection and caresses that will involve the body of such a small child and produce many smiles in the family and in everyone. that are around.

Crochet giving us this kind of feeling and producing pieces with new stitches is something fantastic so the Tunisian crochet brought to you can make you inspired and go further with your crochet threads and needles.

Blankets, garments, decorative items and many others can be produced with Tunisian crochet with your. More robust and closed, giving surprising effects to your crochet pieces.

Tunisian crochet blankets are popular all over the world and once you get the hang of it you won’t want to do it any other way because it is very versatile and we are able to produce amazing things with Tunisian crochet stitches.Follow the step-by-step and your piece will be beautiful. You can also change the color if you wish.

See some Tunisian crochet blankets here and then follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own. I’m sure it will look fabulous and you will even be able to receive orders to produce new pieces.

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Step by step

by Knitting my Hobby

To finish your piece, watch the artisan’s video: Knitting my Hobby