Look at this amazing cardigan we can crochet!

This piece is very famous and is part of the wardrobe of almost every woman in the world. Everyone wants a cardigan model, it is a warm coat that can shelter us on colder days or a piece that is light and like this one that can warm us up on milder autumn days. Currently this closet joker has been used even in the summer and that’s amazing.


I loved this piece in particular for its delicacy and for its possibility of combining with several other pieces, in addition the stitches are easy to perform and I found a tutorial where everything is very well explained and we can see how easy it is and anyone who has threads and needles in your hands can do.

This is a beautiful piece and will never go out of style so it’s ideal for you to make and have in your wardrobe. On colder days, of course, many people will even look for you to buy it and if you are available you can make a piece that can be sold and also warm other people.

por Marly Byrd 

The possibility of making this piece in countless colors is a special charm that we can give it, because you can produce it in warmer colors or even in colder colors but all of them can be easily combined with the clothes you already have in store. your wardrobe.


The cardigan has never been more fashionable than in our times!!!

Crochet cardigans like this one that I found and that made me fall in love are also a summer trend all over the world, it’s an indispensable piece, it can even be used as a beach or pool outfit, it gives a very stylish look to composition of swimsuits and bikinis in addition mixed in this composition is a useful and sophisticated piece as well.

Here I became interested in this model and made it in crochet, it looks beautiful on days when the temperature is not so cold and it can rise, it is perfect as a third piece in your look. I imagine it can be used even with denim shorts, combining fashion and practicality. That would be amazing wouldn’t it?

You can wear them with buttons or open like this one, some are thicker and can be used in extreme cold situations, some longer, others knee-length over coats, jackets and shirts. All this can make this traditional piece something with an innovative style.

Por Marly Byrd

When making this piece you will notice that it is a work done in two long rectangles that will be folded in half and will serve as a shoulder, this is an incredible detail and you will also notice that each rectangle can form a front side and a side of the back and the central seam on the back of the bee this will be a possibility to leave an opening space for the neck. Also you will notice that then the side seams will be joined and leave space for the armholes and finally you will be able to add the edges to the bottom and the armholes to your front opening. They are very rich details that can help you in the making of this beautiful project.

The two panels will work in a unique way and you will work lengthwise from the side edges to its central seam these are details that I noticed in the making and that could be a special north for those who will be making this very special and elegant piece. that you can use in different ways in your day to day and I’m loving it and I’m sure this can be part of your hall of pieces made with crochet.

por Marly Byrd

The crochet cardigan is a traditional piece that many have been making since the beginning of the creation of this wonderful stitch, but when we talk about innovation we can think that today it is possible to crochet everything, everything! We can find an incredible diversity of possibilities that will turn into fabulous pieces that can be used for both clothing and home decor, even as incredible and creative accessories and inspiration can come from many places. You can be inspired by colors, you can be inspired by shapes, by environments, by animals, you can be inspired by emotions, sensations and feelings! Everything can bring new inspiration for you to crochet a piece and use your hands to transform threads into precious objects that will bring joy, comfort, achievement and gratitude to you and those who enjoy your piece.

Access the free pattern here: Cardigan

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