Hello, how are you? Today is another beautiful day and here I am to introduce you to another one of the many possibilities that we can find using threads and needles, coziness can also be present in our lives in a creative way.

If you, like me, are interested in everything that involves thread and needles, you will love to be able to use these skills to make this beautiful piece, this super cute and cozy pillow made with thread and knitting stitches.


If you notice, you can see that it is something that everyone loves in real life and that it can be charming and fun with your sofa, armchair or even in the bedroom decor, whether for children or adults

These amazing pieces are easy to be executed if you make them with a lot of love, affection and dedication you will have a masterpiece decorating your environment, as well as all the rest of the decoration of a house, pieces like this can bring you a comforting environment and make make your space more attractive and maybe even fun.


When I make pieces like this, I feel fun and extravagant because I know it’s something everyone around the world knows and that whoever looks at the object will know what I represented there: a delicious donut, and in a fun way I can attract eyes to my space. room or even bring comfort when using it in the bedroom environment.

Using thread and needles to crochet and knit is a real therapy. When I think about how important this has become to my life, I want other people to realize it too and that they can experience the same thing I did through the time I used to produce pieces like this.

Reducing day-to-day stress is one of the great advantages of making knitted and crochet items. There are many benefits, we work with our hands and increase the level of serotonin in the brain and with that we will definitely have the feeling of well-being and pleasure, something we all seek, whether after a day at work or on the weekend. Many are even so enchanted by this masterpiece that they end up making it their own profession.

Crafts are capable of greatly reducing stress-causing hormones and producing fun pieces like this is for sure the key to making life happier and more relaxing.

I believe that many people around the world have dedicated themselves to making and making pieces like these, whether they are for dressing, decorating or even as gifts, it all makes sense when we look at the beauty of these pieces.

When we plan something and execute it to the end, when we see a surprising result that we achieve, whether through simple or more elaborate pieces, all this brings us great joy and satisfaction and I’m sure you will also enter this journey and feel a happier person. from the moment you start making this Art with your threads and needles in your hand. This is a true work of art, they are works that come out of our own hands and make us better people every day because we can calm our spirits, we can rest our body and mind, relax and do something with our our own hands that will bring joy, happiness, smiles to people who use them as an accessory, clothing or even as part of the decoration.

Certainly many people have been earning a lot of money because there are those who love this work of art but still haven’t managed to fit it into their daily lives there is the possibility of realizing it. So if you are one of the people who have this opportunity, don’t waste your time.

Access step by step what is offered here and that through my daily researches show me new possibilities and that’s why I bring it here so that everyone can be enchanted too and be happy with crochet and knitting.

You can have a lot of sensations, you can enjoy, feel fulfilled and confident every day to be able to produce a new achievement. When you produce something more elaborate it will make you a grateful person for having the possibility of getting something so fabulous through your hand that enchants people all over the world.

 Do not think that threads and needles are only present in our culture, it is part of the experience of everyone around our planet and this inspires us because we know that people have common interests in so many different places and makes us feel more human and certainly more accomplished.