Hello one how are you? I believe that if you are here again it is because, as I am in love with crochet, this art that is accessible to everyone and has an incomparable charm and beauty has been very successful all over the world. This has inspired me every day to make more pieces, whether for personal use or as gifts for those I love and who are close to me. In fact, crochet can even serve as a form of charity because you can make pieces that will be donated and that can make a difference in the life of someone who is in need at that moment. That would be awesome wouldn’t it?

Today I would like to demonstrate how with great affection I made this amazing piece, which is a heart pillow with romantic and very welcoming tones. I was delighted and decided to make it after finding this amazing image on the internet.


I make these pieces because I know they will make a difference in my home decor and can make a difference in your home too. They can bring a warm and cozy look with lots of charm and beauty to your living room or even your bedroom.

If you use more childish tones they can be a great decoration piece for your baby’s room or your children, however, if you use more robust tones you can delight anyone who looks at it in your living room on your sofa or yours. armchair.


The making of crochet pieces originated some time ago and became a fad throughout Europe and today is successful all over the world. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the beautiful possibilities that crochet stitches bring us, it took off as a handcrafted art form, a manual activity that enchants men and women children of all ages if you notice there is no one who is not enchanted by crochet. If this piece is in your room, it will definitely be a success.

This charming heart can surprise those who visit your home, even those who receive it as a gift. It can be used in a romantic way or even as a gift to that friend or family member who is very important to you, everyone will feel loved, yes, it will do a lot. success.

In times like these where people need to feel welcomed and safe, crochet has made a difference because, in addition to bringing many benefits to those who produce the piece, occupying their minds in a positive way and occupying their time in a pleasant way, the production of such crochet pieces can become a wonderful habit and bring the miracle of joy and satisfaction for those who produce, for those who receive and for those who observe the pieces made with so much care and dedication.

I would like you to know that, like me, thousands of people have been interested in crochet all over the world and I have been doing everything with great joy and satisfaction as I said because it is amazing and I have researched a lot to find pieces that are impressive and that may interest those who look for something new on my page. Here you can see that the images are taken from the original site and that all credits are intended for it. You can find here several pieces that have been made all over the world with different points from the simplest to the most elaborate and that will be successful when you start practicing them.

There are endless possibilities and the intention here is to guide you so that you understand the importance of crochet and feel excited and stimulated to start this incredible journey that you are sure will bring an incredible and daring experience from the moment you dedicate yourself and join the world of crocheters.

There are many people who are passionate about crafts but perhaps haven’t discovered crochet and its endless possibilities. If you are one of these people, you can browse my blog and look for something that interests you and makes you feel as enchanted as I did. .

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here to start something new in your life or even build on something you’ve already started. If this happens I will be immensely happy. And if the tutorial indicated here turns into a beautiful heart-shaped crochet pillow, come back here to tell me. Credits for this beautiful piece go to the original yarnspirations.com.