Pattern for a beautiful crochet shoulder bag


Most women can’t live without a purse nearby. There are several occasions when a bag is really necessary and in addition to being a belonging that will decorate the look, it is also necessary for some things to be stored, especially in situations where we no longer have any place to keep our belongings close by.


When we are on a summer outing, for example, and we avoid huge bags and uncomfortable backpacks, we can think that it is an incredible possibility to have a small bag that can support us at this moment.

Having a bag to carry sunglasses or a coin purse and keys, in addition to your cell phone, is essential and a small crochet shoulder bag would be ideal to unite the necessary with the beautiful composing the look you need.


Many crochet accessories have become part of the makeup when people all over the world go to dress up.

The bag, in addition to becoming a beautiful accessory that will match what you are wearing, can also help you organize your day of your routine when you keep what you need in it.

They all have their special occasion, each one will be useful at the given time.Here we think of a need that happens when we are in situations where we do not need or cannot carry a large bag or backpack.A crochet shoulder bag becomes an ideal piece for these moments.As we have seen crochet has gained prominence worldwide people of all ages and genders have joined the use of crochet in clothing, accessories and even in the decoration of their homes, so the possibilities are endless.Many people have also used crochet as a way to contribute to the family income and some even make it their only income.

People who are dedicated to using threads and needles to make pieces that will be sold and bring the fabulous experience that a crochet piece brings to those who use it.This small crochet bag can be made in a short time and used as a personal accessory for the one who made it or even be given as a gift to someone dear and special.But a great opportunity would be to produce this small bag in different colors that could be used on countless occasions and sell them.

Creativity can also be used by composing the piece with different elements that could certainly bring an extra charm and customize the piece for the one who wants it.This is one of the great advantages of crochet the personalization of the pieces and many people have joined this fashion because of this.I hope that this step-by-step guide I found can help to make this beautiful bag and leave them as enchanted as I was. Follow the PDF of a great artisan and you will be able to make this easy and beautiful bag.


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