See How To Do The Step By Step Of This Octopus Amigurumi


You’ve certainly heard about this amazing piece that I brought you today and that I fell in love with from the first moment I knew its story. My 2 year old little daughter was presented with crochet people made by her own teacher for the little kids who were adapting at school and I thought it was amazing. Don’t you think so too? If you don’t know this story, let’s talk a little bit about it because it warms our hearts and souls.

It was in Denmark that the “Octo” project was born. The idea was to produce crocheted octopuses to soothe premature babies. This is a cute and simple toy that makes a world of difference in the lives of little babies who were born a little prematurely and who need special care.


There in Europe it was created with the idea of ​​helping premature newborn babies feel safer and more comfortable in the maternity incubators. When they were close to the object that brought calm and calm, the recovery process became faster. And the crochet people were the object used to make this happen.

But it’s not just very small babies who feel secure when they’re with the famous crochet octopus. As I said, my 2-year-old daughter received an octopus that became her friend and company, bringing security to the school environment at the time of adaptation. I found this wonderful, small children need to be welcomed and respected and this can happen through this object that brings calmness and becomes an object of attachment for our little ones.


People all over the world were inspired and started to produce octopus and make donations to hospitals in their cities or region so that the babies who were there could go through this difficult time in their lives with something that conveys safety and well-being. This Danish project was a success, something so simple that it can transform lives around the world, especially in baby intensive care units.

Some specifications are necessary for you who want to make these amazing octopuses and donate them to entities or hospitals that house the babies. When thinking about crocheting an octopus for a premature baby, don’t forget that the eyes cannot be made of plastic and you can embroider them yourself with the appropriate 100% cotton thread. With this same thread material you can also embroider a small mouth on the octopus and make it even more beautiful for the baby.

It is interesting to notice that the intention of the Danish project when making the octopus was to use the tentacles to refer to the mother’s umbilical cord, the baby that snuggles against the object and will have a cord close to its body and will be able to remember the moment and that it was in his mother’s womb right next to the umbilical cord that fed and nourished him all the time. This is a way of keeping him attached to Mom by not being close to her even though she is in an incubator at the hospital.

It is important to remember that before entering the hospital and keeping in contact with the intubated and isolated babies, the crochet octopus are sterilized at a high temperature and this ensures that when in contact with children the octopus is only an object that will bring benefits for the little ones.

Crochet is a success and through tests it has been proven that the pet improves the respiratory and cardiac system in addition to increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood of babies all this is already documented in research and our wonderful art as I always say brings numerous benefits to life.

In addition to spending time in the incubator with the crochet octopuses when the babies are discharged they can take their partner home and this is a great stimulus for this transition to the outside world when they go home with an object that they already have a close bond with. easier to familiarize yourself with the new environment.

Working with your hands is certainly a therapy for the heart when you have a needle and threads in your hands, we can spend hours crocheting and not even notice the time passing and this is something fabulous that this type of craft gives us.

If you are a crocheter you are definitely an artist and if you use this Gift to reach those most innocent beings in the world who are small babies you will become an angel! This would be admirable and would bring a special touch to your crochet life that, in addition to being admirable, would become something extraordinary and sublime! 

I found the step by step of this cute little friend on our all time favorite, but to make life even easier for you little friends, follow the link.